Countdown to spring

Weather forecast says, it is supposed to be the last winter week in Moscow. Starting from the next Monday, it will get up to +7 and become more and more warm. All we have to do is to survive this last cold week and -10 degrees mornings.

I believe, once Monday passes, the rest of week will fly in no time~ For now, sleep well, eat well and drink at least of 2l of clean water a day. And stay warm, wherever you are! Tuesday? No problem!

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow


Some tv series shooting at the Kalashny Alley behind the Nikitsky boulevard in Moscow



Regular day

I’ve decided to start this blog without the “hello world this is my first entry” post and attaching an artsy picture of a laptop with 40% fade effect applied. Instead, I’ll just start from today, as they do it in sci-fi movies, just throw you into the universe they’ve created without a foreword and good luck! I love sci-fi so that is what I’m going to do! Woo

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