Regular day

I’ve decided to start this blog without the “hello world this is my first entry” post and attaching an artsy picture of a laptop with 40% fade effect applied. Instead, I’ll just start from today, as they do it in sci-fi movies, just throw you into the universe they’ve created without a foreword and good luck! I love sci-fi so that is what I’m going to do! Woo

I use 24 hours format as most of Russians do. Although our analog clock have only 12, digital clock 99% set to 24 hours format. In speech we use 12 hours as well and add “morning” (5 to 11 o’clock), “noon” for well, noon, “day” for time between 1 pm and 5 pm, “evening” for time slot 6 pm to 11 pm and “night” for 1 to 4 am. Midnight is called midnight or 12 in the night. To describe time.

March 17th, Thursday.

6:20 wake up

Window view

Usually I set my alarm for 6:20 am. On days I want to wash my hair I wake up at 5:45 to 6:00 depends on how late I went to sleep a day before. My work day starts at 9:45 and I live in Moscow suburb so it takes a while to get there plus I wake up really slowly. I get up and go make breakfast immediately.

6:40 breakfast

Although I usually spend about 15-20 minutes, today it’s my mom’s birthday, so I took more time in the kitchen to make breakfast for her as well. I had buckwheat groats, small sliced radish, an egg made in a microwave and a half of avocado sprinkled with lemon juice. Recently I decided to reduce the amount of coffee I drink through the day, so instead of coffee I have a cup of lemon tea (green or black depends on the mood).


Yummy breakfast

Usual breakfast food is eggs (fried or boiled), tvorog, yogurts, buterbrod (piece of black or white bread with slice of cheese, salami or sausage on it etc) as well many people just eat whatever they have left from yesterday. Some people eat in the kitchen, I prefer to eat in my room in front of my laptop, either browsing news, sns or watch some tv-shows. Bad habit, I know.

7:20 Getting ready to go out

Quick shower, brush my teeth, wash my face. Get dressed, brush my hair, then apply my make up. Usually I just do my eyebrows, apply some nude eye-shadows and mascara. On weekends or when I manage to get ready earlier I would do eyeliner. Russian women in general tend to have simple natural / nude tone make up for work, eyeliner isn’t that popular. Foundation is also considered more suitable for evening / going out make up. If my face color seems uneven, I use powder foundation, blush and highlighter.

Weekday make up set

Checking weather. It’s going to be a gloomy day with rare sun, 0° to -1°C during the day and strong wind. Yikes.

8:00 Going out

LATE. Late. I’m supposed to go out by 7:45 but I was slow today, so I’m super tight on time. I go to the bus stop and wait for a marshrutka (routed minibus, usually GAZelle, Mercedes, Volkswagen or Iveco vans) or try to catch a car. I never get on a bus because they are required to make a stop at every bus stop, and move slowly in tight traffic. Catching a car costs the same as marshrutka, 60 rubles. The bus is a bit cheaper, 51. Catching a car is easy. Some kind soul stops at the bus stop and picks up people who were waiting there for a while. I don’t go in the car if I’m alone. Safety first!

During the past 2 years suddenly two new huge districts were built a bit further than ours and the traffic on our narrow road increased greatly. During the night time it takes literally 11 minutes to go from subway station to my house. In the morning it takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour just to get from my district to the nearest subway. Marshrutka‘s don’t always stop on our bus stop because they are fully booked and not only seated places are taken, there is often literally no space even for standing passengers. So now our district has two private drivers, who own similar vans. They take the same money as marshrutka and there is always a seated place. Today I was a bit late and there wasn’t any marshrutka in sight, so I got on the private van.

This exact route I take every day

8:48 Subway

You may have heard about the beautiful design of the Moscow subway! Some time I will definitely write and post photos of some of the stations! Although, the design of the stations that a further from the circle line isn’t as attractive and rather depressing. However nowdays they started to build stations with modern metal and glass design, that are pleasant to the eye.

I’m a lucky girl today, surprisingly there wasn’t much traffic, so I managed to get to the subway early. As usual, the station is crowded, but I still manage to get a seat. I fall asleep almost immediately. At 9:12 I reach my stop and go to transfer, 1 more stop, transfer again and 2 more stops. Highly inconvenient for an every day ride, but oh well.

9:25 Getting off subway

A bit tight on time, so I walk fast. I work relatively close to subway, it is about 7 minutes walk from the subway to my office. No lights, I cross the road using underground crossing. The tunnel has shops on it’s side. You can buy drinks from a Japanese brand from their vending machine, get a duplicate of your keys, buy coffee and a pirozhok (baked bun with various fillings), or even get stockings, umbrellas, underwear, hats, cheap jewelry and just in case you suddenly found Jesus in your heart on your way to work, you may even buy an icon with Russian saints. There is always someone buying something at those shops, especially older generation. Grannies love those shops.

9:32 Coffee shop

I always pick up coffee, even if it makes me be a bit late. Daily ritual to make the mood brighter~ There is a cozy coffee shop by my office and I always stop here to grab my morning cup. It has a pun in it’s name, “Дринкит” that reads as “Drinkit”. Drink it! And the logo is a blue whale because “kit /кит” means whale in Russian.

“Drinkit” order counter view


Cozy corner at “Drinkit”

9:40 Entering the office

I immediately rush to my computer to switch it on to send an email to my boss to inform him that I’m here.

9:45 Starting my work

I am an office manager in a wine company. I answer and redirect calls, receive and sort emails and post mail, order necessary things for the office, manage some inside documents and stuff like that. It gets quite hectic most of times, although I do have calm mornings as well, so I can spend some time drinking my coffee and checking latest news online.

My workplace

My workplace

13:00 Lunch break

Usually I bring something from home, buckwheat groats, mashed potato, macaroni etc with steam cooked chicken cutlet or sausages, some veggies. This week I realized I am feeling down due to past-winter melancholy, and March isn’t exactly a spring month in here, so I went to a cafe nearby to pick up my lunch there. I go to Prime Star, they provide healthy meals like salads, fruit and vegetable boxes, soups, porridge, sandwiches, smoothies and so on. My lunch break is about 30 minutes long, usually I eat at my work place while reading stuff online, so I can pick up calls, because they are important for our business.

15:30 Coffee 

I get my second coffee around 3 – 4 pm. I tried to minimize the amount of coffee to just one cup a day but I can’t last more than two days in a row. For my second coffee I go to Prime Star or a tiny coffee shop right across them. Their coffee is rather bitter, while my morning coffee from “Drinkit” is soft and sweet. On my way back to the office I stop at our warehouse to pick up wine I’ve ordered for my mom on her birthday. I have an employee discount!

17:00 Go off work

Usually I finish work by 6 pm, but I asked my boss if I can go 1 hour early. First of all, I need to help my dad to chose an orchid in a pot to gift to mom, and secondly because I had a headache and had a pretty rough day. On my way to the subway I go to a coffee and desserts shop near our office to pick up macarons for my mom. I believe theirs are ones of the most yummy and soft macarons I’ve tried! (they didn’t make me a discount to write that so I’m being honest here!). They pack it in a box and decorate with ribbon. My gift is ready!

17:18 Subway

As usual I see an old man who’s singing old Russian songs by the subway. He is there every evening. Sometimes he would skip few days in a row and I would get worried about what happened to him.

Singing grandpa

I think, Moscow subway is just NEVER empty. Although everyone who lives here understands that there is a huge difference between subway at 18:00 (right before everyone goes off work) and at 18:20… Usually I manage to get to the subway by 18:10 and it is already a challenge. Once I got a bit late off work, so I entered subway about 18:20. Ouch. I had to skip four (!!!) trains in a row before I managed to squeeze into one. Today I was there by 17:18 and a car was relatively spacious.

Subway ride

17:49 Going off subway

Usually once I get off subway I go to my dad’s car, who’s waiting there for me. He arrives a bit earlier, so he sits in his car for 20 minutes and plays Angry birds on his old iPad or naps. Today I went off work earlier and he was a bit late, so we arrived on the same train by accident! Once we met, we went to the flowers market so he could chose orchids in a pot for my mom, who’s hobby is to grow orchids and some other blooming plants at home. She wanted a color that she doesn’t own yet, and that made my dad totally confused so I had to chose one myself. To reward myself for such a hard job I bought a tiny carnation in a pot~

Flowers market

Our new plants

After the flower shop we drove home and got into unusually bad traffic for this time and week day. We spent over an hour and a half just to drive a distance that we could cover in literally 10 minutes… Sigh.

19:36 Home

At evenings me and my younger sister take turns to walk our dog Linda. It was my turn today, sadly, so I walked my dog and we met mom on our way back.

We settle a celebration table quickly, wine and macarons from me, sushi ordered by my sister and a huge pot of olivie salad that mom has prepared in the morning. Our family doesn’t really have a tradition of family dinners because everyone comes home at very different time, so we gather all together at the same table only on special occasions.

21:30 Movie time

The rest of the evening me and my mom spent time together in my room watching Doctor Who. That’s probably not a very regular thing to do for moms, but my mom is quite advanced 🙂

22:33 Sleep

My mom barely managed to keep herself awake till the end of the episode, and me myself felt sleepy as well. So here I am, going to sleep almost  an hour and a half before my usual time! I did great! Yay! Good night~

My phone lockscreen; real temperature is 1°C, the bottom one is, sadly, incorrect


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