Countdown to spring

Weather forecast says, it is supposed to be the last winter week in Moscow. Starting from the next Monday, it will get up to +7 and become more and more warm. All we have to do is to survive this last cold week and -10 degrees mornings.

I believe, once Monday passes, the rest of week will fly in no time~ For now, sleep well, eat well and drink at least of 2l of clean water a day. And stay warm, wherever you are! Tuesday? No problem!

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow


Some tv series shooting at the Kalashny Alley behind the Nikitsky boulevard in Moscow


“The Rehearsal of Spring” at the Moscow “Apothecaries’ Garden”

Day after my birthday, 28th of February, we went to an exhibition called “The rehearsal of Spring” at the Moscow Botanic Garden “Apothecaries’ Garden”.

End of February is the time, when everyone is literally craving for spring. According the calendar, spring is just around the corner, although in reality it’s not quite right. March is a weird month in Moscow, the weather is still winter-like, although the day time is longer now. Citizens wake up during the sunrise and go off work while it is still day outside. Affects the mood quite greatly~ And even though it’s 0 to -5 outside, on a sunny day you can feel the warmth on your ears. Feels nice!

The exhibition at the Apothecaries’ Garden was announced on TV and on various SNS, so as expected the line was super long (we had to wait for about an hour outside!) and it was quite a lot of people in the glass house itself. We went on Sunday, and tickets were sort of cheap (200 rubles for an adult), so we expected the crowd.

The line led us through the garden, covered in snow. Should definitely come back here in May, when the snow will melt and all the plants around will be in bloom~

Once we went inside, I was overwhelmed by the amount of colorful spring blooms ♥ Such a contrast with the white and unfriendly landscape outside! I’ve never even seen that many of different colors of tulips… And I finally saw the most beautiful in my opinion spring flower, a snowdrop! I remember those from my childhood~ Nowdays snowdrops are considered as rare plants, and it is prohibited to sell bouquets of snowdrops that were grown naturally in a forest.

No wonder this exhibition got so popular, that they had to extend it by two more days! And in the end of the exhibition Botanical Garden gave away 1000 pots with hyacinth and muscari plants! I’m a bit sad I couldn’t attend the giveaway…

Sharing some photos I’ve made on my phone:


A snowdrop (galanthus)

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Regular day

I’ve decided to start this blog without the “hello world this is my first entry” post and attaching an artsy picture of a laptop with 40% fade effect applied. Instead, I’ll just start from today, as they do it in sci-fi movies, just throw you into the universe they’ve created without a foreword and good luck! I love sci-fi so that is what I’m going to do! Woo

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